Transponder Keys

A transponder or RFID device is a passive electronic device. You will find one embedded in the head of most new car keys. You may not be aware that your key has one but your car will know. Most newer cars will not start without one that has been programmed into the cars computer. Each transponder or RFID device has a unique ID number. When a transponder key is placed in the ignition of a transponder equipped car the car checks the ID number of the transponder against a database stored in a computer in the car. If the key has not been authorized or programmed into the car it will not start.

Can You Copy Transponder Keys?

There are clone keys available for many cars equipped with transponder key systems. These keys are an exact copy of a programmed key. The ID in the programmed key has been copied and imprinted in a chip inside the clone key. Some clone keys contain a battery. If your clone key has stopped working try replacing the battery. If you stop in our shop we can help you with this or any other problem you may have with your key or remote.

Most places that make keys are not able to copy keys for newer cars and trucks. Even locksmiths don't have the necessary equipment to program vehicles or clone transponder keys. Some locksmiths can make some transponder keys, but most of them don't stock factory original remote head keys. We specialize in keys, remotes, and remote head keys for most vehicles. We often have more information than the dealer who sold the car. We offer more options for more vehicle keys, remotes, and remote head keys than any other source in the east bay area. We are a one stop shop for keys of all types, remotes, remote head keys, transponder keys, transponders, locks, key rings, key fobs, and all related hardware.

In Shop Service

We work on all types of locks, not just cars, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles. We sell mailbox locks, deadbolts, doorknobs, bump resistant locks, safes, electric strikes, card access systems, etc. We offer in shop service. Emergency locksmith service for lock outs, rekeys, deadbolt installations, commercial lock service, lock repairs, keys made, etc., may be available on a very limited basis.

If it locks we work on it, even if there are no keys involved.

We stock Keys & Remotes for cars!

We can program most transponder equipped vehicles. We can make or duplicate most non transponder keys to any type of lock.